Graduated magna cum laude (110/110 e lode) with a degree in architecture in the Università << La Sapienza>> at Rome in 1998, with final dissartation in Urban Project.

In 1993 he was awarded a “Project ERASMUS” study grant from the Valladolid School of Architecture in Spain. In his carrer he participated in numerous national and international workshops focused on the topic of the city.

He began the professional in 1999 and research activity at once, with a committed collaboration for the Laboratorio di Progettazione Urbana at the Università <<La Sapienza>>. In 2000- 2005 he began the collaboration with arch. F. Galdo, within he worked on important projects as the project for a farm holiday centre in Todi. In 2003 he took the qualification to carry the function of Security Co-ordinator in the erecting yard. In 2004 he received his Doctorate in Architectural Design from the Faculty of Architecture at the <<La Sapienza>> University in Rome.  Then in 2005 he became associated with with Arch. Firoz Galdo and Carmelo Costanzo : they founded Officina del Disegno srl which is an architectural design company whose work ranges form the urban scale to interior design. Between 1997 and 2005 he was a professor and researcher in Architectural Design with the same school, in addition to writing for architectural publications. He has participated in numerous national and international competitions, successfully obtaining honourable mentions and awards. He took part in important publications, a special mention among others goes to <<Roma terzo Millenio, le identità Possibili>>

Significant experiences are works for expositive areas and offices with different activitis: leading projects, staff coordination, realtionship with supplying firms and contractors, constraction control.

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